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Monday, May 17, 2010

Return from Never Never Land

Ok, so I really had not intended to neglect the blog for so long. I really did not want to spend any time on the computer while I was on vacation and then I kept forgetting once I got back. Vacation always throws me off my normal routine for a couple of weeks. I finally got back into tracking my food this past Friday. That was what, three weeks? Egads.

I had a great trip to Walt Disney World. Burned lots of calories and ate lots of calories. Bought way more stuff than I should have. Did some things that I had not done before. It was HOT, but tolerable once the morning humidity burned off. Feet did great; very few problems. :) Looking forward to my next trip. That probably won't be until January for the Half. Seeing how hard it was to get back into gear after this one, I think I will avoid any trips until the race.

I have finally made the transition to running outside. I found a great segment of the Capitol City Trail. Last Thursday went great, but I did overdo it a bit. I gave myself an extra recovery day and ran Sunday instead of Saturday. That one HURT. A lot. I am not sure why it was so difficult. I did get through it though. I am trying to decide whether I should run on the treadmill on Tuesday or hit the trail again. It hurts to walk today, so perhaps the shock absorption of the treadmill would be helpful.

I will start posting daily again tomorrow morning once I have today's numbers.

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