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Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 69 4/24/2010

It was one of those dreary, lazy Saturdays. The temps was cool with periodic rain/drizzle and I was tired...all day. I get those days once every 3-4 months when I just feel run down and all I want to do is sleep.; which I did yesterday...a lot. I took a nap mid-morning and then pretty much laid about the rest of the afternoon. I was feeling better at about 5 and I decided I had better get my run in before the feeling went away. I got started and was still feeling good after my warm up, so I decided to test myself and see how long I could run without walking. I walked 2 min and then started running. I went slow, but I hit 7 min. I was still feeling pretty good and I could have done more, but I decided to walk a couple of minutes and then run the remaining 5 in a single set and then walk the rest at a good pace. Heh, well...my energy plummeted once I started walking again. I walked 2 min and started running again. I got 2 min in and had to walk. I was only half way through my workout and I was already beat. Those last 15 min were among the hardest I have done. I really had to force myself through it. I did cut my cool down short though. My calorie burn was a whole lot lower than normal too.

Lesson learned; guess these things really can only be learned from experience. I know that fuel is needed for exercise, but I underrated its importance since I am still only at 30 min (well, 45 with warm up and cool down) and my pace is still slow (I was at 4.5 but had to slow down to 4.0 when I increased the incline). Obviously I don't need to fuel up like I might for a race, but I cannot perform well if I am on empty. Performance is important for improvement and calorie burn.

Calories burned: 2540
Calories consumed: 1484
Deficit: 1056
Steps: 5772

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