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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 58 4/13/2010 Rough Workout...

Legs were feeling normal again, so I decided to go ahead with my planned C25K workout. It was a bit different this time though. I have decided to increase the incline to 1%. I am not really sure why I did not do this from the start. I knew from my research on running that adding the 1% incline helps to add difficulty to a treadmill workout to make it more similar to running outdoors. I think I just did not truly believe that it would be all that much harder to run outside vs on a treadmill. That, and I think I was a little afraid that adding the incline would make it too hard for me to get through my workouts.

Anyway, based on the suggestions from multiple folks, and the lessons learned on Saturday, I had the incline at 1% when I got started. The warm up went fine, though I did feel soreness in my legs so I knew that I would need to take it easier throughout the workout. This week is 20 min walking and 10 min running. I am still running in 1 min segments. This time I was running 1 min and waling 2 min and then repeating the cycle. The first running segment was painful...enough that I was really worried that I would not be able to get through it all. I did get through it, but I had to go much slower than normal and I had pain on each segment.

The combination of 1. recovering from shin splints, 2. new shoes, 3. increased incline, and 4. increase in run time made this workout one of the hardest, if not THE hardest in the last 10 weeks. I did lots of stretching afterwards. I had a raid in WOW and had to sit for several hours after; my hamstrings tightened up a little, but not too much. I had a little soreness when I went to bed, but it was just soreness, not any real pain.

When I was researching shin splints (yes, I research everything...sometimes too much), I found several exercises for strengthening specific muscles that will help prevent shin splints. I will be looking again at lunch today and printing those off. I used to get pretty bad shin splints when I was a kid. This past case was really mild, but I do not want that to happen again.

Calories Burned:2963
Calories Consumed:1495

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