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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day 45 3/31/10

I really dislike the end of each quarter. We have a lot of SOX requirements we have to meet at work that revolves around end of quarter. Today was absolutely crazy. I did not get a chance to walk at work at all. I did get in a good Curves workout. I had to force myself to go though. The weather has been absolutely FABULOUS; I just wanted to go home and relax with all the windows open! I reminded myself that there will be times when I am unable to go (illness, etc), and so I when I don't have a valid excuse, I need to make sure I go.

I have learned not to ask Tim what we are doing for dinner at a time that I am famished...I tend to agree with anything. So, last night we went shopping and ate dinner at Outback. I love Outback and if I had stuck to my usual, it would have been fine, but nooooo...I was STARVING at that point so I ordered Aussie Cheese Fries...probably the worst thing on the menu after the Bloomin Onion. We at least ordered the small one. I also ordered the Outback Special 6oz, salad w/thousand island dressing, and green beans. Oh, and I should mention that Tim met me for lunch earlier and we had HuHot (though I was pretty good and really watched my portions).

So, after all of this, I was just hoping I was even for calorie burn and consumption. Turns out that some of my assumptions were wrong. Outback has detailed nutritional values on their website. Since I only ate about half my other food after those cheese fries, and we got in all that extra walking from shopping, I actually ended up ok! (well, except for some gastrointestinal revolts due to all the extra fat I consumed...)

Calories Burned: 3078
Calories Consumed: 2217
Deficit: 861
Steps: 10,184

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