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Monday, March 8, 2010

Week 3 Recap

Well, I was up .4 pounds when I weighed this morning. I was actually expecting this. When starting a new weight training workout, one can expect to see weight gain for a couple of weeks. This is, in part, to the muscles retaining water while they repair themselves. Also, as muscle replaces fat, one can see a gain due to the fact that muscle is denser. Even though my brain knows this, emotionally I am still a little disappointed. Only a little though :) I went through my closet this weekend trying to get rid of some things. I tried on a lot of stuff and I am definitely seeing a difference. I am almost back down to where I was last October.

Last week was great. I really pushed myself on my treadmill workouts. I did far better at Curves than I was expecting. I think I will like the new workout schedule once I get past the soreness :)

This coming week will take a lot of willpower. Mom is flying in on Wednesday and staying a week. I need to make sure I stick with my workouts as planned. If I do, then I can eat out without too much impact.

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