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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 44 3/30/10

Ran for the first time on the new treadmill. I put in a Scarecrow and Mrs King dvd and got started. The workout (5 min warm-up, 30 min workout, and 10 min cool-down) went by amazingly fast. It did, however, feel quite different and hurt a bit more than usual. It was different partially because my old treadmill did not really stay steady on speed. If I wanted to walk at 3.0 mph, it would vary between 2.8 and 3.2. With the new treadmill, it is much more accurate, so it will take a little more getting used to. I felt more pain in my knees and legs than I have in the past. This might have been caused by the new treadmill, but it might not have been. I will see how it goes on Thursday. I can adjust the "softness" of the track, so I might just need to play around with that a bit.

Calories Burned: 2954
Calories Consumed: 1925
Deficit: 1029
Steps: 9417

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