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Here are a few abbreviations I use regularly:
GWF = GoWear Fit
C25K = Couch to 5K

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day 41 3/27/10

Had an awesome workout! I was able to do 5 minutes running in 1 minute segments! The last minute I split into two 30 sec segments. I was getting really tired on the last segment, but by the time I hit the 30 min mark, I got a burst of energy and extended my cool down to 10 minutes.

Jamie came over and helped bring the treadmill base up. He and Tim had a heck of a time. It is extremely heavy.

I had spent two hours getting ingredients for green chili into the crock pot earlier and we ate that along with some quesadillas, guacamole, chips, and cookies. We watched a couple of movies and had a great time!

Calories Burned:2949
Calories Consumed:1905

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